Session 1: Sympathy for the Devil

Ankou, Korrigan, Jam, Tjorven, Lord Kevven.

A group of parents have been desperately searching for someone to help find their missing children. The children all went missing on the way home from the same school in the same area of the Old District, and neither the Masons nor the Guards seem inclined to help. The only clue left by the kidnapper(s) is an oily-black graffiti tag on the wall.

Arriving at one of the kidnapping sites on a cobbled street, the team spoke to nearby inhabitants but could find nothing more until Ankou touched the graffiti on the wall. Two sludge-monsters emerged from the graffiti (now known to be a demonic portal) and were quickly dispatched. Ankou recklessly touched the portal again and was absorbed through it, so the rest of the team quickly followed him in.

On the other side of the portal, the party arrives in a damp cavernous moss-covered room. A single tunnel leads down into a more brightly-lit chamber where the children are being kept hostage in magic containment fields. After a few minutes of fruitlessly failing to free the children, the team succeeds only in electrocuting themselves and one another. The disembodied voice of a demon speaks into their minds.

The demon says it is trapped in this cave and needs power to return home. It is able to enter the city through the graffiti-portals only at nighttime. It tells the party that it would free the children if it were brought a source of great power. The children have apparently been exposed to this source of power… The team are naturally suspicious about giving a source of great power to a demon but agree to help, if only to prevent the demon from keeping them hostage along with the children. The team make their way up the path into the cave and hear screeching noises…


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