Session 2: Schoolboy Blues

Ankou, Korrigan, Jam, Tjorven, Lord Kevven, Miguel

As they enter the cavernous portal-room, the team find the source of the screeching noises: giant mosquitos on the ceiling, currently docile and apparently disinterested in the party. Tjorven decides they are a threat and tries to take them out with his crossbow, which brings the mosquitos to life. At that exact moment, a space matador called Miguel enters the cave through the portal, looking for his son Pedro who had also recently been taken.

One of the mosquitos dives and digs its proboscis into Tjorven and begins to drink his blood. Jam fires a burst of colour into the group at large, causing Lord Kevven, Miguel, and one of the mosquitos, to fall unconscious instantly. After a bloody fight, Tjorven frees himself and the mosquitos are killed.

Back in the city, the group now attempts to find the source of the magical power. Assuming their only common link is the school, they head there to investigate further. They receive a tour from the severe Mistress Gerran and the nervous Master Kierrel. The somewhat sneaky headmaster Odonin was too busy to show them around himself, as he was dealing with some Mason oversight on the religious practices of the school.

The school mostly appears normal, although Ankou finds some suspicious notes in the headmasters office thanking the headmaster for his “recent donations”. Miguel and Korrigan find a crying child who claims to have been forced into following the school’s strict religious ceremonies and rituals. Tjorven’s bloody clothes nearly lead to a confrontation, but cooler heads prevail and the tour continues.

The headmaster abruptly returns with guards. The guards have received reports that a group of people covered in blood were seen in the city, and in particular near the kidnapping sites. The team are arrested and brought to the Citadel, the political centre of the city. The Citadel is a giant marble white building, with high ceilings and expensive decorations. The Secretary (deputy to the chief Executive of the city) questions the team about the missing children and why they are investigating. After some diplomatic persuasion, the Secretary decides that the team are not trying to cause problems and tells them to visit the Scholar Tarquin in the library for more information about demons.

Tarquin, a frail old academic-type, tells them they might be able to kill the demon by draining it of its power, using an ice-blue Hjoltharn troidstone which drains magic from anything it touches. The team visits a troidstone shop in the market but the shopkeeper would not freely part with his stones without express permission from the Secretary.

The team rests at Miguel’s house overnight, except Tjorven who spends the night in the Citadel hospital recovering from his mosquito wounds.


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