Session 3: Thieves in the Night

Ankou, Korrigan, Jam, Tjorven, Miguel, Cassius

During the stone-stormy night, a few members of the team hear a loud crash not too far away. Deciding that saving the children is more important, they head to the Secretary to receive a promissory note saying that the Empire will pay for one troidstone up to 500GP. The secretary tells them that they would do well to visit Tjorven in the hospital, since there had also been a skyship crash overnight in the Old District and Tarquin the scholar requested their presence.

In the hospital, the team meets Cassius (a pixie from the skyship crash) and also the pilot of the skyship who is grievously injured. Tarquin and the team collectively establish that the crash was almost certainly the demon’s doing. The demon, according to Tarquin, appears to be searching for Fupnja troidstones, oily-black rocks used for travel and space-flight. The team make a plan to lure the demon with a Fupnja stone and drain its power with a Hjoltharn stone. Fupnja stones are harder to get hold of, being highly in demand from skyship builders.

On the way to the troidstone shop to purchase stones, the team encounter a gang chasing an apparently innocent civilian. Tjorven scares the leader off and the innocent civilian — called Beub — offers them his help. He tells them they could also find a Fupnja stone either in the shipyards, or in the Masons Troidstone store in the North of the city. He tells them they would be unlikely to find a Fupnja stone in the jewellery store, so the team decide to steal from the Masons.

They sneak into the Mason’s private troidstone store through the delivery entrance — a clever idea of Tjroven’s who spotted a magical trail going into a small trapdoor on the street. After a short fight with some Masons — who are destroyed by an enlarged raging Miguel — Tjorven enters the store and ends up having to stab a Mason in the back, narrowly avoiding a city-wide alarm. After a brief encounter with some Masons, the team finds a 6-foot long Fupnja stone and are just able to carry it back to the main room by triggering its speed-boosting ability.


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