Session 4: If Demons Could Dance

Ankou, Korrigan, Jam, Tjorven, Lord Kevven, Miguel, Cassius

The team manage to bring the stone out of the store’s trapdoor using a magical pulley system. After a brief fight with some Masons coming from the nearby temple, they appropriate a cart from a nearby city-worker and lift the stone onto the cart. The team then decide to split into two — one half taking the stone directly to the crash sight, the other half going to the troidstone store to purchase a Hjoltharn stone. The cart party sneak through the city successfully.

At the troidstone store, the team arrive and the shop is not open — it’s Godsday so most citizens will either be at temple or resting for the morning. The team decide that time is of the essence and so they break through the shop’s door by cutting around the door’s keyhole alarm system. Almost immediately a city-wide alarm goes off from the temple. They steal as many stones as they can carry (the stones are disproportionately heavy) and try to make a swift exit from the merchant quarter. As they leave the shopping area, they are stopped by some guards. Korrigan and Lord Kevven run and hide around a corner, while Tjorven cuts one of the guards’ heads off. The team manage to escape mostly unharmed.

Now waiting for nightfall, the team go to the crash sight and set up the Fupnja stone trap in a destroyed building. Some city guards are protecting the crash site from public interference. The team end up killing all but one of the guards, who escapes and ends up going for help.

The demon appears at nightfall. Despite its ability to fly, and its invisibility, the team find it after firing the Hjoltharn troidstone into its abdomen. The demon is killed, partly thanks to Cassius who forces the demon to dance a jig while the others surround it and stab it to death.

Skyships and guards are now pouring over the entire city, and the team quickly heads to the nearest graffiti site to rescue the children from the now-deceased demon’s lair. Entering the cave, they find that it is already falling apart and the team only just manage to escape back into the street with all the children. Miguel has a brief tearful exchange with Pedro before they jump back into the city.

On the street they are now surrounded by guards and are summarily arrested. The children are taken into the Empire’s protection. Cassius turns invisible and flies off, never to be seen again. The team themselves are taken to the the Citadel, hand over the weapons and spell books and are put into the cells underneath the guards’ quarters.


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