Introduction to the location and characters

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Welcome to Asteria, a seemingly endless stretch of planet-sized asteroids infused with magical properties. The various magical minerals found on these asteroids are known as troidstones. Geographically, the asteroids of Asteria can vaguely be separated into different sectors: the Lush Belt, the Ice Belt, and the Volcanic Belt are some of the larger regions. Humans mostly inhabit the Lush belt. Kuamites is the largest asteroid in this region — around 800km in diameter and shaped like a kidney-bean. Dahr Ardûn, the human Capital and largest human settlement in Asteria, is located in the nook of the bean.

The party have all assembled at an inn in the commercial town of Swadlincote not too far from Dahr Ardûn:

Ankou and Korrigan are half-siblings from the outer asteroids, who unusually learned their magic away from Masonic influence.

Lord Kevven, a disgraced Lord, heard mention of the missing children recently in a tavern and thought he might be able to help.

Jameson (‘Jam’) was a student at a Mason university, and has been trying to pay back his debt to the Masons after a messy end to his studies.

Tjorven is a half-dwarf Ranger also from the outer asteroids. Originally a guard for the human settlement where he grew up, he now seeks to regain the honour of his family, because his once-famous City Guard father failed to prevent the assassination of the former tyrannical Emperor.

Joining later, Miguel is the parent of one of the missing children. A barbarian space-matador, he is seeking only to find his son Pedro.

Introduction to the location and characters

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