Session 5: Escape from the Citadel

Ankou, Korrigan, Jam, Tjorven, Lord Kevven, Miguel

The team have been arrested for their various crimes of murdering Masons and general havoc-creation. They’re all in the jail cells in the Citadel, awaiting trial the next day. Several have nightmares over the few hours of sleep they get.

The magic users have been given Hjoltharn neck braces to prevent their magic from having any power, and this takes the team’s attention for a long while, trying to break them open. A few false-start attempts to remove the braces leads to the Guards coming down to check on the noise.

They see Jam acting suspiciously after he managed to break open his neck brace, and realise that it has broken. They send for a smith to fix the brace.

Meanwhile, Ankou has been provoking one of the other prisoners, an ex-Mason, into revealing how to break open the neck braces by overloading them with magic. He learns this and succeeds in breaking his neck brace.

Miguel has got hold of one of the guard’s baton, and after some scuffling, the team are all freed and make their way up the stairs to get their possessions from the inventory room upstairs. They encounter some guards and fight them, after Korrigan and Kevven find their weapons and distribute them quickly. The guards defeated, the team exits the Citadel through a back door and makes their way through the streets, planning to commandeer a skyship and leave this godforsaken asteroid of Masons forever.

Tjorven and Miguel decide to try to collect the reward from the parents of the children who were taken. The parents do not want to hand over money, as their children have not been returned to them. Miguel finds out that Pedro has not been seen since they were arrested, and begins to get suspicious that something has happened. Tjorven intimidates one parent into giving him some gold, and then meets up with the rest of the team in the shipyards.


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